Wordpress Popup System Examples

DHTML Popup Windows for WordPress made easy

An extensive range of examples is being developed on our blog, the first of which are listed below. Check back often to see more. These examples are in Pro-mode:

An optin form located on the front page:    see it here
(currently footer popups require ADP Pro, using the WordPress Plugin in Pro-mode)

An exit popup in a post:    see it here

Image thumbnail expansion:    see it here

The Transparent Player & Flash Video Demo's

Use the plugin with our flash video player solution to add transparent video to blogs!

We have developed a series of templates for easy integration of the player into WordPress using the plugin. All features that are available in a web site using the player are also available in WordPress now.

You can see this flash video player and the demos on our own WordPress blog, some of the links to specific examples are below:

Introducing the Transparent Flash Video Player:    see it here

Single Anchored Video Example:    see it here

Multiple Anchored Video Example:    see it here

Daisy-chained Videos:    see it here