Wordpress Popup Windows Plugin

DHTML Popup Windows for WordPress made easy

WordPress Popup System Professional or Lite users can create as many DHTML Popups as needed on their blog(s). There is no difference in the high quality of the compiled output, and no difference in the high levels of support we provide to all our users at all levels.

WordPress Popup System Professional uses Advanced DHTML Popup Pro to create the popups, the Lite version is standalone, requiring no other applications.

Some of the benefits of the Pro version include more complex projects, advanced cookie functionality, transparent Flash Video. However the standalone (Lite) version continues to be developed rapidly and all upgrades of either version are free.

Features Lite Pro
Full customization of the colors and appearance Y Y
Exit popups Y Y
Light-box effect Y Y
Link/Image triggered Y Y
Hexadecimal color input Y Y
Support for images Y Y
Support for footer ads1 Y1 Y1
Support for Flash (non-transparent) Y Y
Support for Flash (transparent) N Y
Support of iFrames/external websites Y Y
Transparent images N Y
Multiple popups on one post N Y
Simple show once cookie Y Y
Complex frequency and duration cookies N Y
Multiple display options - home page, all pages with exclusions, single page, switch off Y Y
A project on any number of posts/pages Y Y
All popup projects stored automatically in the database Y Y
Switch on/off scrollbars Y Y
Switch on/off close button Y Y
Switch on/off close title Y Y


1 In the standalone (Lite) version full width fixed at bottom edge and auto scrolling layers can be done, the content (designed by you externally) must be designed to fit in. This is the same with the Pro version (using ADP) except that an optional plugin which can help with the content design is available here